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Posted By E-commerce Partner on 2017-08-24
Control partners with Stripe to offer merchants alerts and transaction analytics

Control, a leader in transaction analytics for subscription and commerce business, has partnered with Stripe to offer merchants alerts and transaction analytics on iOS, Android, and a Web-based app. Today Control has expanded the details merchants can acquire from the Stripe API on their mobile and desktop dashboard.

Radar is Stripe's built-in fraud prevention solution. It uses machine learning to evaluate all transactions passing for Stripe's users globally and detects suspicious patterns. Merchants using Stripe Radar can set custom rules to preemptively flag for review or block charges based on specific conditions.

Control already offered merchants alerts for charges with discrepancies — such as mismatching shipping and billing information — and for high-risk countries, but by supporting Stripe Radar, Control gives users even more visibility and control over fraudulent patterns for their business. Charges that have been blocked or flagged for review by Radar will now be clearly identified in Control, empowering our users to evaluate each transaction and determine the risk involved if processed.

"Control, as a mobile-first company, believes that business operators are using apps more frequently to measure and monitor the health of their business," says Kathryn Loewen, CEO and founder of Control." As cyber fraudsters move faster, we see the integration of Stripe Radar alerts and Control's mobile app as a perfect fit to empower businesses to mitigate their exposure to fraud, reducing their time to respond to chargeback liabilities."

The importance of monitoring suspicious charges cannot be understated as card networks like Visa and Mastercard are apt to revoke payment processing privileges if a merchant's fraud rate exceeds 1%. Using Control with Stripe Radar gives power back to the merchants, as it is the merchants that are liable to chargeback and lost revenue — and it is they that best understand their business and customers.

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