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Posted By E-commerce Partner on 2016-04-02
Online Shopping Trends

Each person tends to shop in his/her own way, but online shopping has managed to provide people from all over the world with a great way to acquire the goods they need. The interesting thing here is definitely that more than 74% of the adults that have a web connection in the US have started to purchase goods as well as services online. The trend is, of course, inclining towards increasing this number even more.

Event tickets and household goods are starting to be purchased more and more online
We are accustomed to get these from shops, but with online shopping making things so easy, around 40% of the household goods are now purchased online and, at the same time, around 36% of the whole tickets are purchased online as well.

More payment processors, less cards
Cards are great, but people see them inconvenient when purchasing stuff online, so online payment processors such as PayPal are doing a great job in offering people with a stellar alternative. Faster payments means more shopping, so this is a great thing for ecommerce website owners.

Shoppers go mobile
Online shopping is great on desktop, but since most of us use the phone even more, mobile shopping has definitely managed to become an interesting trend whose importance increases each and every day. This is why going mobile is important for ecommerce website owners, otherwise the competition will acquire a large portion of the market.

Multi-channel retailing
The main focus now in the online world is on bringing in the highest quality service and a lot of convenience. With the help of multi-channel targeting, things get even better because ecommerce websites offer the ability to purchase either via the site, via phone, mail or catalogs, and thus they add a lot more convenience at all times.

Buy online, pick-up in store
A cool feature comes in the form of being able to purchase online from the retailers with online presence and then coming in the store to pick up the product and obtain the warranty as well as other stuff. This is a great, customer centric experience with astounding results.

Less traffic, more spending
Users tend to avoid staying too much on an ecommerce site, instead they read reviews for the products on the web so they are fully informed when they come in. This trend has continued to grow in the past few years, so even though the traffic gets lower for the ecommerce sites, the customers do spend more, so everything for the better!

In conclusion, the way people spend their money online changes constantly, and this can easily be seen in the online shopping trends. Customers are targeting more convenience and at the same time they want to purchase from their phone as well, trends that will continually try to expand in the next few years!

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