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Posted By E-commerce Partner on 2017-01-18
Top 20 online productivity tools

Top 20 online Business productivity tools



Slack is an amazing tool for teams to collaborate and share details about their existing projects and any other information. Unlike the name, it is an amazing Hard working tool which offers you flexibility to communicate on one single platform. If you think SharePoint is an overkill, try Slack instead.

Slack demo


Channels: Slack’s channels help you focus by enabling you to separate messages, discussions and notifications by purpose, department or topic. You can even create private Channels to limit the scope by using invite-only channels.   

Face to face Calls: Yes, this gets even better with face to face calls, from typing to face-to-face by starting a voice or video call in any Channel or Direct Message. 

Share Files: With easy to use Drag and drop features, you can Share files with anyone you want. If you use any services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box, just paste the link and that document is immediately in sync and searchable too. 

Extensible: Slack comes with an API and also integrates with other connectors such as Zapier . The APIs can be used alone or in conjunction with each other to build many different kinds of Slack apps. 

Go Mobile: Slack comes with very good reviewed mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone (beta).



 Pipedrive is a simple, yet powerful sales pipeline management tool that is not only handy for salespeople but also for clients who use it to manage workflow, enrollment, complicated projects, rewards programs and much more.



This amazing tools comes with variety of features including

  • Pipeline Management
  • Activities and Goals
  • Sales Reporting
  • Email Integration
  • Sales forecasting
  • Mobile apps
  • Easy to use data import and export
  • Web forms

Pipedrive is reasonably good CRM for companies of all sizes (especially small to medium size) extremely customizable which makes it very flexible for every need. Pipe drive  easily integrates with leading apps including  Google Apps and Google Drive, MailChimp , Trello, Yesware and Zapier.  Easy to deploy, configure and use, it is a recommended CRM.


Zapier is an amazing connector productivity tool that integrates with over 750 popular apps to facilitate automation. These automations are achieved by mixing a Trigger with Actions that are available on your favorite apps. What Zapier does is take two services and act as a middle man for their APIs. It’s a tool for connecting all the different apps you use.

For example, you can automate Gmail to you’re the DropBox app. An email with attachment with automatically get stored in Dropbox, which in turn is shared on Slack and this attachment can be sent to all your customers via MailChimp app. Zapier runs automatically checking for changes and triggers the action. With Zapier, you no longer have to waste your time doing repetitive tasks. Zapier is there, doing those tasks in the background for you so you can do more important work. It comes with great features including:

Zaps: A Zap is a specific link between two services you've connected on Zapier.

Dashboard: Easy to use, intuitive dashboard for any novice user

Task History: You can find your Task History from the drop down in your account like this


Import/Export: Zapier cannot import or export bulk data but facilitates data transfer between 2 apps


Creating a Zap: A zap is an automated trigger blueprint for a workflow. A Zap is the first thing you do once you log in by clicking “Make a New Zap”.

Connected Accounts: The Connected Accounts page is where you can see all the different services you have connected with Zapier.

Zapier gives you the power to create connections between your apps and automate repetitive tasks. You can even chain steps together to build powerful workflows. Here are the Zapier help documentation.



If you really care about your customers, you need to keep them engaged and make sure you are listening to them wherever or whatever platform they use. Desk is a wonderful Customer management and support tool for small businesses.  With desk customer support software, you can interact with your customer’s customer via following channels:

With desk customer support software, you can interact with your customer’s customer via following channels:

Social media:  View and respond to tweets, posts, and messages from within so no customer ever falls through the cracks.

Email: Adding, email, automatically turn customer emails into cases — each with an owner, priority, and status. A unique support email address lets your customers easily reach you.

Productivity tools: With you can automate repetitive tasks and reduce the time agents spend on simple cases so they can spend more time solving complex ones.

Actionable customer interaction: Easily survey customers from within to measure customer satisfaction (CSAT), get feedback, and improve your products and services over time.

Customer Health monitor: Desk gives to a very good insight into customer’s level of health whether customer is happy or up happy and measures to damage control.


Pricing: pricing starts from Standard version at $20 per month per user, $60per month for Pro and $100 per month for Business Plus with comes with additional prop features such as

  • Custom interactive dashboards
  • Advanced integrations and workflow
  • Custom agent roles & permissions
  • Customer Health Monitor
  • SSO for agents & admins
  • Unlimited multibrand support
  • Unlimited page layouts

Desk is part of Salesforce and there comes fully baked with Salesforce Integration and all major Apps to make you and your organization more productive.


Forgetting your password is a very common especially now that we have hundreds of registered websites and I'm sure you cannot have one single password throw these websites and applications. You might have different passwords for his emails or your bank accounts or social media accounts and it gets pretty hard to remember all these passwords hit one go. LastPass is an amazing password Management Service that stores your interpret password to your private account. With LastPass, you no longer need remember your passwords. LastPass comes as browser plugins for all major internet browsers such as google Chrome and firefox. LastPass is also available as a mobile app for popular operating systems such as android and iOS. With lastPass, you can create highly complex passwords which are stored into your account and can be accessed anywhere using your one secure LastPass account. This application has grown tremendously over the years considering user-friendly easy to use insecure password storage.

How Secure is LastPass?

With Lastpass, your data is encrypted and decrypted at the device level. Data stored in your vault is kept secret, even from LastPass. Your master password, and the keys used to encrypt and decrypt data, are never sent to LastPass’ servers, and are never accessible by LastPass.

Lasspass has implemented AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 and salted hashes to ensure complete security in the cloud. All you have to do is create an account with an email address and a very strong master password to locally-generate a unique encryption key.

Lasspass comes in three versions:

  • Free for Single user
  • Premium
  • Business Version



Next on our list is a popular and well known customer relationship and project management software built for small and medium businesses called Insightly. Ideally suited to organizations with 25 - 100 employees, Insightly is used by over 1M people in over 200 countries. SMBs across the world leverage Insightly’s cloud-based application to manage customer transactions, interactions, leads, proposals, opportunities and projects from any device at any time. Insightly’s web application allows businesses to start using CRM with just an email address and a web browser. In addition, Insightly for Google Apps is the number one CRM application in the Google Apps marketplace.

Originally made for Google Apps: Insightly was created with a full Google Apps integration. Simply sync Google Contacts and Calendar, link Google Docs, and save information from Gmail directly to Insightly with our Gmail gadget. Insightly is the #1 rated CRM on the Google Apps Marketplace. Not using Google Apps? No worries, you can still using the Insightly Web version.

Don't have Google Apps? No worries, you can use Insightly's web app with any email system. Just sign up at the Insightlyl website and get started in seconds.

The power of Linking: Insightly is so powerful because of its ability to link related items together -- employees related to their employers, emails related to projects, tasks related to opportunities - all intuitively linked up and just one click away.

Full history of customer interaction: Keep a history of customer interactions including emails, phone calls, and meetings.

Gmail integration, Office 365 integration: Insightly can keep track of your email messages and ingeniously associates and links each message saved with the right contacts and organizations. Not using Google Apps Gmail? Insightly's integration with Office 365 and Microsoft calendar may be what you're looking for to help improve your productivity. With both Google Apps and Office 365 integration, you have a complete email history in your CRM with just one click. Insightly's integration with popular accounting applications like QuickBooks Online and Xero allows you to see all your customer and financial information in one place.

File sharing: Use the great file sharing capabilities of Insightly and keep important documents and information attached right next to the entities they relate to.

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