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Posted By E-commerce Partner on 2016-04-07
Why Mobile E-commerce

In the ecommerce world you always need to try and continually find new ways to obtain exposure and improve your shop so you can obtain the highest revenue. One of the latest trends that have appeared in this regard come in the form of mobile ecommerce, which basically allows people to purchase the items they want, when they want, without any hassle. Since mobile adoption has exploded in the past few years, combined with the fact that close to 50% of the web use is now mobile, optimizing your ecommerce website for mobile is indeed a priority. But why should you focus on this? Here are some of the most important reasons!

Shopping convenience across a wide range of devices
Having your site optimized for both desktop and mobile brings in more traffic, and at the same time it will also generate more conversions. No matter if you receive sequential, singular or simultaneous usage, you do have to focus on bringing support for mobile, because otherwise you will lose traffic and clients. As a side note, more than 30% of the user base is abandoning a transaction on mobile if the ecommerce website is not optimized, so do try to keep this in mind at all times.

Mobile retargeting is very efficient
Based on Google data, more than 90% of people go from one device to another in order to accomplish tasks. Each device can be used for ecommerce retargeting, but if the person might not accept this on desktop, then he/she will most likely bring you the ok on mobile. Also, the great thing about ecommerce and mobile retargeting is that the ads follow the user activity on other devices as well to bring the best outcome.

More mobile payment solutions
Many persons want to purchase stuff when they are on the go or commuting, instead of wasting time on the PC doing this. In fact, this is the main reason why mobile ecommerce is so popular to begin with, but at the same time the same idea has generated a lot of interest for numerous companies that are offering mobile payment processors. Purchasing stuff online from mobile is so easy with these apps that we can easily see this become the next best method of shopping. So, if this sounds good to you, prepare your site right now for mobile ecommerce.

Mobile commerce sales are expected to quadruple in the next few years
Having an ecommerce website optimized for mobile is a crucial thing nowadays because more than 71% of the user base expects the site to load fast on their device, and if you don’t optimize it you will lose clients.

In conclusion, there are multiple reasons why you have to focus on mobile commerce, because the more you will focus, the better the results that you will obtain. With a better presence for your business in the mobile world, only good things can appear, so don’t hesitate and optimize your site for mobile, you will be glad you did!

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