European are known to fashion freaks and guess what are buying most. As per one independent survey, a business research company, clothes and sports goods are number one choice for shoppers in Europe. Over half of online shoppers in the European Union bought clothes and sports goods online last year. Clothing is the most popular product category online in many European countries, such as the UK, Germany, France, Russia, Poland, Turkey and Finland. This is the most important finding of a new report on online sales of apparel by business research company Not only are the online fashion sales growing, the ecommerce share of total retail sales of this product category is also increasing. In the United Kingdom, over 10 percent of fashion sales were done online in the first six months of this year. Other Western European nations also approach that figure. yStats predicts that in Germany, online sales of apparel will account for over one third of the country’s total apparel sales by 2025. For more details, read here