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7 Benefits of Marketing Automation for Ecommerce

Marketing automation until recently was a strategy that is reserved for large businesses.

However, nowadays, small businesses have access to powerful marketing automation to acquire, nurture, and retain customers.

In 2019, at least 75% of marketers said they would use one marketing automation tool to manage their stores.

But what exactly are the benefits of marketing automation, and why are most businesses employing it in their strategies.

Here are some reasons you should look forward to adopting marketing automation in your e-commerce business.

1. Ensures personalized experience 

Marketing automation is one of the best ways to build rapport with your customers and drive more sales your way. It makes it easy for you to reach out to customers at a personal level. One way marketing automation is beneficial is that it helps you create behaviorally triggered emails, which create a highly customized customer experience. 

You can use marketing automation tools to address all messages to your target customers using their names and important dates like birthday. You can also use customer purchase history to recommend the new products which match their taste and preferences. When you give your customers this kind of experience, you can increase your revenue in the shortest time.

A recent research by Econsultancy shows that 93% of companies have seen an uplift in their customer conversion rate as soon as they started to personalize their customer experience. According to the study, at least 49% of customers admit to having purchased after receiving a personalized product recommendation from a brand.

2. Increases revenue 

Increased revenue is another reason you should be looking forward to employing marketing automation in your e-commerce business. 

Ecommerce marketing automation does not just save you money and time but also helps you improve your revenue. The extra income you get through marketing automation comes from cross-selling and upselling. 

You can also increase your sales revenue when you adopt marketing automation to target customers. You can create personalized social ads that inform your customers of the products you have to offer. 

Use marketing automation to remind customers of abandoned baskets and reach out to customers on platforms they check most often than SMS and email. These are just some of the few ways to use marketing automation to boost your sales and profit as a business.

3. Saves you time

Any type of marketing automation should be geared towards saving you time and other resources. With marketing automation tools, you can plan your marketing strategy and create a campaign that runs on the course. When site visitors opt into a marketing campaign by entering their email address, they are automatically added to the email list and start receiving pre-determined emails.

Throughout the campaign, your site visitors will receive personalized emails that are timed and relevant to where they are in the sales funnel. It means your business will be able to regularly contact customers with some valuable emails without having to click on the send button.

4. Helps you connect with your site visitors 

Personalization is one great way that your business can benefit from marketing automation and help you connect with your site visitors by providing content customized to your customer’s interests. Full-service ecommerce agencies such as Bing Digital use marketing automation to generate higher ROI on their client’s marketing campaigns.

Instead of your customers landing on a one-size-fits-all homepage, you can present product offers and actions that match their needs. This will help benefit your business by directing potential customers to pages that encourage you to buy your products but also allows you to convert your visitors into buyers. It becomes easier for customers to find what they are looking for when you present helpful content upfront. This can create a positive experience with your brand from the start.

5. Beats competition

There is already stiff competition out there in the market. Almost half of the e-commerce businesses out there are already using some kind of marketing automation which makes the competition stiffer. Installing marketing automation has become necessary for most companies that want to keep up with the competition.

If you don’t want your business to lag behind, you should take advantage of the many marketing automation tools available to speed up your marketing. Employ a marketing strategy that puts you steps ahead of your competition.

6. Improves customer retention 

To make your eCommerce business more successful, customer retention rate optimization is crucial. Acquiring new customers is often the main focus of most online businesses that they even forget about keeping the existing ones. It is much easier for a company to acquire a new customer than to keep existing ones.  

With effective marketing automation, you can acquire new customers and even retain older ones to your business. This is made possible when you constantly send them marketing messages to remind them of something your business has to offer. 

7. Increases business scalability 

Marketing automation not only drives growth but also makes rapid and exponential growth in your business possible. It is impossible to send emails to your customers manually whenever they abandon carts. You will need a tool that automates the process and makes it easy for you to reach out to your customers as your business scales up.  

Powerful marketing software should keep up with your influx of customers to organize campaigns and minimize your company’s growing pains. Marketing automation is one of the most efficient ways to adapt a marketing strategy that works for your business. 

Final thoughts 

Marketing automation is evolving fast, and you should start putting your business on the wagon as soon as possible. You should not be overwhelmed by the many marketing automation tools in the market. Take your time when having a marketing automation strategy that works for your business. 

Marketing automation is essential because it can save you time and money and scale up your business. It saves you time so that you focus your energy on managing your business and making it grow fast. All the benefits outlined here should make it easy for you to decide on marketing automation for your business.

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