About Us

SEO is a serious task and is not just about templated or repetitive work. I have helped several businesses be #1 in their business and can help you too.

I have worked several verticals right from Small Business to a Major Bank in Canada as an SEO specialist and knows what it takes to be on top.

Before you place an order, please contact me with your Business name, product or service detail, competition, major players in your industry and finally your expectations. I have helped businesses with literally no online presence to 100% online business with testimonials. I am open to clients from English speaking countries only such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia.

If you have the patience and some $$ to spend, no one can stop you from going on the top provided you do it right. Never go with shortcuts. Organic SEO is a lifelong investment, so invest wisely and results will come.

I am able to help any size business, so please send me the details so I can review and suggest you better. All the Best!