Amazon choose 2 winners – New York and Northern Virginia

new york amazon headquarter

Amazon, the number one e-commerce company in the world has finally chosen not one but two cities the two headquarters. Amazon today announced that it would build new campuses in New York City and Northern Virginia. This comes after a worldwide search by the e-commerce tech joint 14 months ago where several major cities in US and Canada aggressively pitched city as the best choice for Amazon’s new headquarter. There were in a total of 238 bids which eventually narrowed down to 20 finalists including Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary in Canada. Both New York’s long island city and Virginia’s Arlington will receive $2.5 billion as an investment from Amazon and each will have more than 25,000 workers. Amazon had initially said that it would choose one city as its next headquarter and was planning to invest US$5 billion but eventually decided to split the jobs and investment between two separate cities both in the United States. Notably, both the cities are located in the eastern end and will help Amazon manage both the US and the Canadian operations. In one of the blog, Amazon has said that it will receive about US$1.5 billion as an incentive from Long Island City while $573 million from the city of Arlington. Both the cities will have an average annual salary of $150,000. The stocks for companies dealing in the properties in both of these cities have already skyrocketed with this news and expected to rise further as the project gets into the shape. The wait and anxiety is finally over!

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