Benefits AI for Businesses

artificial intelligence in the workplace

One of the key benefits of cloud computing is the fact that it allows businesses to benefit from artificial intelligence or AI in short. This technology has the ability to offer many development opportunities to businesses.

In fact, many businesses have taken advantage of this technology due to the many benefits it offers. Having said that, here are the reasons why every business owner should consider using cloud-based AI:

1. Enhances Personalized Shopping Experiences


Are you looking for a way to provide your customers with personalized marketing? If so, it may be good to consider using cloud-based artificial intelligence in the workplace if you have not done so already. Personalized marketing generates customer loyalty, increases engagement and boosts sales. That is why you will find many businesses putting so much effort into providing their customers with personalized marketing.

AI identifies customers browsing habits and purchasing behavior. This technology is able to provide very accurate offers to customers by using millions of transactions that are stored and analyzed in the cloud.

2. Automates Customer Interactions

Many customer interactions like online chat, emails, telephone calls, and social media conversations need human involvement. However, with AI a business can automate the communications we just mentioned. Collecting and analyzing data from past communications can help a business program computers to respond to customers in an accurate manner and handle their inquiries.

AI can perform better when it comes to customer interactions when combined with machine learning. This is because of the fact that this encourages more AI platforms interaction. One of the best examples is AI Chatbots which performs even better than humans when it comes to customer interactions since it can interact with many customers at the same time and can both initiate and respond to communications be it on an app or on a website.

It is estimated that by 2020, 85% of customer interactions all over the world will be handled by intelligent machines that can replicate human functions. It seems that the days of using a call center are over.

3. Real-time Assistance

AI can also be beneficial to those businesses that communicate with very many customers on a daily basis. For instance, in the transport industry, airline train, and bus companies have millions of passengers’ daily meaning that they have to look for a good way to interact with their clients in real time to communicate information such as notice of delays.

There are bus companies that use AI to track the location of their buses in order to provide travelers with real-time updates on where the bus is and the estimated arrival time of the bus. Customers can get this information on the bus company’s app.

4. Data Mining

One of the best things about cloud-based AI is that artificial intelligence apps can quickly find important information during the processing of big data. This can help businesses discover important information that they may not have discovered in the past hence giving businesses an advantage in the market.

5. Operational Automation

AI can operate other technologies that facilitate automation in the business world. For instance, factories can use AI to control robots or maintain the right temperatures (through intelligent heating. In some hotels in Japan, robots have taken over jobs of human receptionists. These robots look exactly like human receptionists and deal with check-ins, booking and handle inquiries in 4 languages.

AI is also used in the retail industry to track inventory. This technology can be used in the retail industry when it is linked with cloud technology and RFID. AI is used in China by the police to apprehend criminals. In fact, China has a vast CCTV network and AI is used here to spot and track suspects through facial recognition.

6. Can Predict Outcomes

AI can predict outcomes using data analysis. For instance, AI analyzes customer data patterns and predicts whether or not the products that are currently being sold will sell and if so, in what volumes. In addition, AI will predict when the demand for the products in question will tail off.

This can be important as it can help a company buy the right volumes of stock that will be in demand. It is predicted that within a decade, there will be no seasonal sales since AI will ensure that there will be little leftover stock to be sold.

Apart from being beneficial to business in the retail industry, AI’s ability to predict outcomes can also benefit areas such as banking as it can be used to predict stock price and currency fluctuations. It can also be beneficial in the healthcare industry as it has the ability to predict outbreaks of infections by analyzing posts in social media.

7. AI Can Help Improve the Recruitment Process

AI has helped businesses automate the process of hiring new employees. The technology sifts through applications fast and automatically rejects those applicants who don’t meet the personal specification of the company.

This helps save time since a business owner will not have to spend money on a recruitment agency. It also makes sure that there is no bias or discrimination in the shortlisting process. Moreover, AI programs can handle administrative recruitment tasks.

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