Ecom Elites Review

Are you into an online business and looking for a blueprint to make it profitable? Or do you want your dropshipping business to grow? If yes, this Ecom Elites Review will help you discover new ecommerce opportunities.

Everyone knows that it has never been easy becoming an entrepreneur. You might encounter challenges or failure. But with Ecom Elites, you have nothing to fear since you can build a risk-free business.

Today, more and more entrepreneurs are taking advantage of a more innovative business model – drop shipping. So, if you are ready to create new business opportunities, now is the best time to get more familiar with Ecom Elites.

What Is Ecom Elites?

Created by Franklin Hatchett, Ecom Elites is an ecommerce training course, helping entrepreneurs and stores to boost their sales while maximizing their success in the online platform. This training course is specially designed to leverage one’s expertise and skills when it comes to online marketing.

Ecom Elites includes different business applications, strategies, tools, methods, and process offering immediate results. The course involved a variety of topics, such as driving traffic to the website, social media networks, chatbots, and email marketing. Then, Hatchett also included videos which can help the students to improve their marketing efforts.

What to Expect from Ecom Elites

If marketing effort is done wrong, your target market will not see your products or store or even they might have seen your ads, but ignore it. As Hatchett created the Ecom Elites, he was able to teach entrepreneurs on how they can set up their drop shipping business. Besides building a successful ecommerce, the course is also designed to create an unbeatable, effective marketing advantage which will lead you to financial freedom.

  • Easy Passage to Online Entrepreneurship

Ecom Elites will help you easily enter the online entrepreneurship. The lessons are designed to be straightforward and provide easy to understand advice.

  • Time-Saver

You do not need to spend half of your day sitting on your desk and learning the entire concepts of drop shipping. Ecom Elites can be automated, or you can learn everything on just a one-time activity.’

  • Acquire Ecommerce Expertise

With the help of Ecom Elites Review, you can avoid common dropshipping mistakes and transform yourself into a veteran in the ecommerce industry. Then, you will learn new techniques on how you can continue your growth.

  • Proven Success

Once you joined the training course, you are investing in a proven system that creates great opportunities and success. You will become among the successful individuals in the world of ecommerce.

What Are the Contents of Ecommerce Training Course

Since Ecom Elites is a step-by-step online entrepreneurial training course, you will learn practical strategies on how you can stand out and outshine your competitors. You will be provided with ten modules, and under each module, there will be different topics from introduction to SEO. Below are the ten-course modules:

  • Shopify Setup
  • Sourcing of Products
  • Facebook Traffic
  • Instagram Traffic
  • Email Marketing
  • ChatBot Traffic
  • Sales Funnels
  • Google Shopping
  • Organic Google Traffic
  • Top Secret Videos

For a more detailed breakdown of the course modules, see Aaron’s Review of Ecom Elites.

Ecom Elites Pricing

Ecom Elites comes in two different packages. You can choose between Standard package which is $197 and Ultimate package worth $297. Although there is no free trial, you can receive a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Standard Package – $197 One Time

  • Store Setup Training
  • Full Product Research Training
  • Comprehensive Instagram and Facebook Traffic Training
  • Comprehensive Email Marketing and Training
  • Google SEO Traffic Training
  • ChatBot Mastery Training
  • Weekly Videos with Q&A Sessions
  • Super Secret Videos
  • Private Inner Circle with Hatchett and Other Members
  • Instant Access and Lifetime Updates

Ultimate Package – $297 One Time

  • Store Setup Training
  • Full Product Research Training
  • Comprehensive Facebook and Instagram Traffic Training
  • Comprehensive Email Marketing and Training
  • Google SEO Traffic Training
  • ChatBot Mastery Training
  • Weekly Videos with Q&A Sessions
  • Super Secret Videos
  • Private Inner Circle with Hatchett and Other Members
  • Instant Access and Lifetime Updates
  • Complete 7 Figure Funnel
  • Complete Sales Funnel Academy
  • Complete Google Shopping Ads Academy
  • My Top Selling Niches Of All Time Book
  • My Top Selling 6 Figure Products Book

Ecom Elites Pros and Cons

Before ending up with Ecom Elites, it would be nice to take a look at the pros and cons of Ecom Elites.


There are plenty of impressive things about the training course, including:

  • Franklin Hatchett is effective in both explaining and teaching everything about dropshipping
  • Over the shoulder and step-by-step videos included
  • You can learn strategic and effective ways on how to get customers from different sources
  • You will discover the importance of email marketing in ecommerce and see a 30% boost in sales for free
  • You can uncover the importance of sales funnels
  • It offers two different price levels
  • More than 150 videos included
  • The training course is quite straightforward to understand and follow
  • Real-Time support is available through Facebook groups where Hatchett will answer all your questions regularly
  • The course consists of advice on chat boxes, virtual answers, and set up for Shopify and ChatBots


Besides having impressive pros, there are also some cons for Ecom Elites.

  • Ecom Elites has no written worksheets that offer a summary
  • The training course focused too much on marketing, instead of adding more teachings about how to negotiate with buyers

Ecom Elites Support

Another good thing about Ecom Elites is that you will receive a complete, dependable support. You can reach Hatchett with private Facebook group and email dedicated for the training course. Once you purchase the course, you will receive an email immediately, which encourages you to join the private Facebook group known as eCom Elites Exclusive Hideout.


Ecom Elites is a straightforward yet, outstanding ecommerce training course at a very reasonable price. Remember, dropshipping is never easy. That means you will need comprehensive guidelines and training to be more productive and successful in your chosen niche. When you buy this course, you can gain all the knowledge and skills necessary to start a 6 to 7 figure each year for your dropshipping business.


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