ON Page Optimization

An SEO friendly and well-optimized webpage will certainly rank better than a non-optimized page. On page optimization plays a major role and is one of the top-ranked factors that can overall impact your website. Your webpage should not only have good quality content but should also be optimized according to the parameters set by Google and other search engines. Our well-optimized webpage is better indexed by search engines and therefore has a better chance of ranking higher. Here is a list of some of the on page optimization factors which every webpage should standardize and adopt for better indexing and eventually rank.

The page title tag is one of the most important factors for page optimization. You need to make sure that the title tag should align close to the targeted keyword. All major search engines display the page title when displaying the results and therefore it is one of the most important on-page Seo factor.

Make sure that webpage URLs are Seo friendly. Avoid long URLs and try to make it keyword rich for better indexing by search engines.

Add a proper H1, H2, H3 tags to your page in a hierarchical manner. H1 went back should be your headline while H2 and H3 can be subsequently added based on the subheadings. The webpage should be structured well and proper use of tags ensures that the page is well optimized.

Responsive website design is another major optimization factor that has gained huge attention. Now that the mobile users exceed the desktop users, or major search engines are taking this issue very seriously and are promoting the websites which are responsive or mobile optimized. Nonresponsive sites lead to a bad user experience for mobile users and therefore will eventually drop in the ranks. If your website is old or needs a new design, make sure the website is responsive and mobile friendly.

The speed of the page: website loading speed is another critical factor that search engines take very seriously. According to an independent estimate, 75% of users want please visit our website that took longer than four seconds to load. Every second count and therefore make sure all your images, videos and scripts on the webpage are fully optimized and your webpage loads under for second. You can always check the speed of your page loading time via several popular speed test websites such as GTmetrix, Pingdom speed test or Google’s paid speed insights. These websites give you an overview of your paid speed and also suggest solutions which can greatly reduce the loading time of your page.

The use of images and videos are very important for the engagement of any webpage and therefore it is critical that these multimedia objects are well optimized and have all the relevant image tags so that the search engines can easily understand and display according to the search queries.

ON Page Optimization Experts

We have an expert in-house team of on page Seo optimization experts who carefully evaluate each and every page of your website and optimize these according to the prescribed methods suggested by search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and more. We ensure that your webpage has relevant and good quality content and loads fast for any user. This will ensure better engagement for your webpage and eventually low bounce rate. Call us for free estimates and free evaluation of your website for professional on page optimization services.