Popular Link building strategies 2018

Link building

Link building is arguably one of the most effective and also the most challenging practice in the area of Search Engine Marketing and SEO. Over the years all major search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo have so much evolved that the old text book strategies of link generation is no more effective and rather poses a serious threat to your rankings if it is not as per their recommended suggestions. Gone are the times when the master used to list their websites on thousands and thousands of online directories, classifies websites, articles writing sites and comments. With the advanced restricted guidelines, link building has become very difficult and at the same time very effective if done correctly. A number of SEO strategists and bloggers including Rand Fishkin, Brain Dean, Neil Patel have been demonstrating how to effectively secure safe inbound links to your websites. We are going to present takeaways from popular strategies of link building from some of these Great guys!

One particularly effective link building strategy that was recently published on the Moz site was by Paddy Moogan titled Sustainable Link Building. The author specifically suggests that you should not tie content to specific dates or events. A lot of SEO Bloggers and content writers tried to tie the content of their website to certain specific events or dates or even festivals to make it more enticing. Now, the problem with that is if you produce a piece of content around a certain date and then that date passes and the content hasn’t worked, then you’re kind of stuck with a piece of content that is no longer relevant.

Neil Patel needs no introduction in the SEO world and as per his latest blog post titled: https://neilpatel.com/blog/link-building-campaign-for-2018/ , Neil recommends that you should mention influencers in your blog posts. As per Neil, “Those who write these articles do so for a very specific reason. They’re interesting and they get links like no other.” He says that the influencer that you mention in your post will have a higher chance of your content being shared and this might get you links. P.S: I am mentioning Neil Patel, so hope the magic works and this blog post should get some eyeballs rolling.

Reach out strategy: although a lot of bloggers find this strategy is an old, outdated and ineffective but if you are really serious about the links and have a lot of patience, you might find a gold mine here. Reach out strategy is basically the process of reaching out to other webmasters to get back links through various strategies as specified by Brian Dean of https://backlinko.com/link-building. Brian is a very popular SEO influencer and posts popular videos and articles on how to secure links effectively. He calls this strategy as skyscraper technique which includes calling other webmasters to fix their broken links, or asking them to share your Infographic or even reaching out to the same business-critical to amplify your article reach.

There are hundreds of other online resources on how to effectively bring links but as I mentioned earlier, you have to walk a very fine line because Google and other search engines heavily scrutinize these back links and if there find anything artificial or paid, you might get penalized instead of being rewarded. Good high quality back links are always the best bet and if effectively conceptualized.