The role of a site map

The sitemap is one of the important components of a website which helps proper indexing of all your web pages. A sitemap is basically a collection of all the indexable pages of a website which the search engine boards can grow old to understand the overall structure of your website. You can either use an XML sitemap or an HTML sitemap and submit the sitemap in the Google console or Google Webmaster tool. Once you submit the XML site map, Google search engine will follow the instructions from the Google console and will try to index all the pages within the sitemap. It is advisable that the sitemap should be generated by your server and should have a clean structure.

You can either submit one site map or multiple sitemaps if you’re page count and exceed 50,000. Google search engine indexes up to 50,000 pages prophesied map and if you have more than 50,000 pages, you can use multiple site maps. In case of submitting multiple site maps, consider one site map as the master site map which can link to further sitemaps. This way you can control your product or services and make it in a more structured way. The same case applied to Bing search engine where you can submit one master site map and multiple other site maps. If you, however, want to block certain pages which are in the sitemap, you can do it either by redirecting your htaccess file or by blocking the URLs in the Google search console itself. Be aware that if you are blocking the URLs via Google Webmaster, this will be a temporary process and the search console might start the indexing again after some time. The process of blocking the url via Htaccess is a permanent method.

If you’re using a WordPress website, you can install Google sitemap plug-in which can automatically generate all your pages, posts, categories etc. this is by far the best tool for the WordPress and do a ping to all search engines for proper crawling off your webpages.

Use this plugin to greatly improve SEO to create special XML sitemaps which will help search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and to better index your site.

importance of sitemap

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