Top-rated WordPress Plugins (extensions) for SEO


SEO is ever evolving and one has to be totally up to date with the best practices as being introduced by major search engines such as Google and Bing. If you own a WordPress site, there are thousands of free WordPress plug-ins which can help you accelerate and do better in search rankings. All you have to do is make a wise choice and make sure the plug-in is well-suited to your needs and providing full value to leverage the search engine optimization of your website. Here we are listing some of the best-rated WordPress extensions for SEO. For any question or WordPress SEO, please get in touch with our technical team for free analysis.

Yoast SEO:

this is by far the most popular WordPress plug-in which has been downloaded by more than 5 million WordPress users all over the world. Yoast SEO offers some of the amazing features not only to optimize your site but also keep your site in good shape. The plug-in offers you several options including updating title and meta description, creating as your friendly XML site map, automatic creation of site breadcrumbs, set canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content creating Google snippets and much more. The current version of this plug-in is 7.2 and required a minimum of 5.2.4 PHP version. It supports a number of languages including Chinese, question, French, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

Google XML sitemaps

Google recommends using an XML site map so that the search engines can crawl all your webpages easily and efficiently and this plug-in is by far one of the best plug-ins to create XML site map in WordPress. Even if you’re using Yoast SEO, you can disable the site map being offered by Yoast and instead use this Google XML plug-in to create complete structure of your site. This plug-in comes with various translations and his one of the top-rated WordPress plug-ins. The plug-in has been downloaded by over 2 million active WordPress users and its current version is 4.0.9 at the time when this article was written

All in One SEO Pack:

this is another popular full-featured SEO plug-in which offers several amazing features such as Google AMP support, creation of titles and meta descriptions, or notification to search engines like Google and bring about changes to your site, canonical URL structure, support for as your own custom post types, built-in API so other plug-ins can access and extend functionality. The current plug-in has been downloaded over 3 million times and is frequently updated in line with the latest changes in WordPress and SEO.

Google analytics dashboard for WP

this is another amazing plug-in which enables you to track your site using the latest Google Analytics tracking code and allows you to view all the stats within your WordPress. This means that you don’t have to log in directly to Google analytics but can see all the in-depth page reports and post reports within your WordPress site. Like Google analytics, this plug-in will display all the sessions real-time number of visitors, traffic by locations demographics, 404 errors, traffic channels, started by social networks, traffic mediums etc. within WordPress dashboard. The plug-in has been actively installed over 1 million WordPress websites and is supported for over 25 languages worldwide.

Redirection WP Plugin

if you have move your website or move some of the pages, the redirection plug-in is an amazing tool which can create and manage redirects quickly and easily without needing advanced knowledge of several redirects. The plug-in can also be configured to monitor and post or page permalinks are changed and automatically create a redirect to the new URL. Google does not like sites which has pages without any content or are returned as 404. A proper redirect will ensure that the user is getting the right information and also will help the low bounce rate. Redirection plug-in is the best plug-in to solve the redirection issues through easy to use interface.

WP fastest Cache

if your website is slow chances are that search engines might penalize your site and push you down depriving you of the traffic that you are desperately seeking for. Not only your website should be fast loading, but you also need to make sure that the server is good and is rendering all the pages at the lowest possible time. WP fastest cache is an amazing plug-in which can really speed up your site. This plug-in creates static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress blog reducing the system RAM and CPU power. This in turn renders the pages faster for users which is not only good for you user experience but also makes search engine bots happy as they are able to crawl your pages faster and eventually helps you do better in search engine rankings.



while using WordPress, you need to make sure not only the site front-end is optimized but also the database is light and will optimized. WP – optimize is one such effective plug-in used for automatically cleaning your WordPress database so that it can run at actual efficiency. This plug-in is quickly becoming very popular until late has been downloaded over 700,000 times. This plug-in removes all unnecessary data from the database with one click of a button. You can contact MySQL tables, remove all the unnecessary data including Trashed, spam content, and revision history of the post. It make sure that your database is clean and well optimized as it supports scheduling an automatic to clean up.


WPSSO Core is a great WordPress plugin that creates complete and accurate meta tags and Schema markup for Facebook / Open Graph, Google Rich Cards / Knowledge Graph (SEO), Pinterest Rich Pins, Twitter Cards, and more — including descriptions, titles, hashtags, complete image markup, complete video markup, extensive eCommerce product markup, author profile / authorship, co-authors, publisher information, local business markup, aggregate ratings, reviews, recipe information, event details, and much, much more — all from your existing content. The good part is that there is no need to manually re-enter descriptions, titles, select images / videos, etc. WPSSO Core reads all of your existing WordPress content automatically.