Why Amazon is so successful

Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce company started with selling books and 90 and took an early and impressively lead amongst other startups. Amazon is so successful because it cares for its customers. For any business to run, customer loyalty is paramount and Amazon affinity towards his customers and vice versa is one of the biggest factors in Amazon’s success.

Despite being a marketplace for thousands of retailers, Amazon is always considered to favour the customer. Although Amazon charges a hefty fee on selling products, customer priorities are always on top. In year 2012 the estimated turnover was over 61 billion USD which points to the phenomenal success the company has enjoyed over the years.

Amazon has always been a huge fan of affiliate marketing and even today it is one of the highest affiliate payout online store. The ease of shopping online and strict quality control has attracted millions of customers some of whom were always hesitant to place online orders.

Amazon has given so much confidence to its customers, that they make online purchases as conveniently as buying grocery from your next door market. Lot of new companies are trying to immolate the success of Amazon but it will take a special effort to beat this online giant. Companies such as Walmart and Tesco are heavily investing in the online marketplace and are even buying major online stores to boost their e-commerce sales but Amazon is a different player altogether. It will take a herculean task to even come closer to Amazon.

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