Why use WordPress for your Website?

WordPress is arguably the most popular open-source platform for website design and development. WordPress began its journey from a modest blog creating site and today you find amazing versatility and scalability with WordPress-based websites. Be it an e-commerce site or a community site, WordPress has all the required features to design a fully functional website with tons of features. As per an estimate, over 30% of the web uses WordPress which includes hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online. Some of the big-name brands that use WordPress includes

  • our own e-commerce partners website
  • BBC America
  • Sony music
  • Walmart blog
  • NASA blogs
  • Jay Z website
  • CNN and more

WordPress was founded in the year 2003 some 15 years ago and was written in PHP using MySQL database. The platform currently powers over 10 million websites all over the world.

The beauty of WordPress lies in the ease of use. You don’t have to be a hardcore developer to be able to make changes to your website and WordPress exactly has done the magic for them. The WordPress has easy to use content management system which can be used by even a school going kid. WordPress also comes with tons of amazing plug-ins which allows you to extend the features and functionality of the website. It is estimated that WordPress has over 50,000 plugins available each of which can offer custom functionality. You do not need an FTP client to add a plug-in as it has a very simple to use popular functionality to upload the plug-ins. WordPress is also an SEO friendly as they are several amazing plug-ins which can extend the core as your functionality to meet your website fully SCO optimized.

Easy Theme Integration

Another amazing feature of WordPress is the ability to change the Themes with one click. WordPress offers free themes which can change the entire look and feel of your website. If however, you are looking for advanced design changes, you can always go with a paid theme from any popular template website such as themeForest.net or template monster.

Themeforest.net has some of the best WordPress themes and plug-ins to extend the functionality of your website. Whether you’re running an e-commerce WordPress site or a service based website, you can find thousands of amazing themes and plugins including WordPress SEO Plugins to custom design your website. These plug-ins and themes are fully tested before they are launched in the market.


WordPress comes in bed with several integrated features including a search engine friendly functionality, clean Permalink structure, support for tagging, support for videos and galleries and much more. WordPress is truly giving the e-commerce specialized software’s run for the money.

WordPress Shortcuts

Here are some shortcuts you can use while working on a WordPress website.


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